Bike Route Sign Project

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- 2/8/2016 -Project approved by    Transportation Safety Commission

- 6/7/2016 Project approved by Village    Board of Trustees

- 7/18/2016 Tentative  construction start  date

- 8/26/2016 Substantial completion date

- 9/9/2016 Final completion deadline



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Matt Lawrie, P.E.

Project Engineer

Mount Prospect Public Works



The Village of Mount Prospect developed a comprehensive Bicycle Plan in 2012.  The Village Board and Transportation Safety Commission discussed the Bicycle Plan prior to Village Board approval.  Topics such as bike-friendly policies and ordinances, education, encouragement, and infrastructure are all included in the plan.  The plan provides a framework for implementing a broad bike network for all types of bicyclists and promoting more people to choose biking to get around town. The Bicycle Plan can be viewed on the Village's website Bicycle Plan.

Funds have been allocated in the 2016 Village Budget to build a majority of the Phase I bike network.  The goal is to connect a few primary destinations in the Village using select residential streets as designated bike routes.  The network will also connect to existing bike routes in Arlington Heights and Prospect Heights. Work will include installing signs and pavement markings only. Standard bike route signs, destination signs, and bike crossing signs will be installed at signalized intersections throughout the network.  Pavement markings will only be installed a few select streets.

In Kensington Center Business Park, portions of Business Center Drive, Feehanville Drive, and Wheeling Road are wide streets with prohibited parking.  Pavement markings including a combination of bike lane lines, bike symbols, arrows, and shared lane symbols (sharrows) will be applied on these streets.  On Lincoln Street between Meier Road and Can-Dota Avenue, the Village has installed centerline and parking lane lines.  With few vehicles utilizing the parking lane during the day, the parking lane is often used by bicyclists.  The pavement markings have not only slowed traffic, but have provided a separate travel area for bicyclists.  Meier Road as well as Lincoln Street west of Meier Road will see similar pavement markings with this project.

This year's project does not include constructing any bike paths and does not affect street parking. Once completed, the Village will continue to look for opportunities to expand the bike network and promote biking as a viable transportation alternative. The project has been discussed with the Mount Prospect Park District, River Trails Park District, Mount Prospect Bike Club and Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce.  All are supportive of the project and believe it will encourage more people to bike to Mount Prospect.

The Bike Route Signage Project was a publicly bid project with sealed bids opened on Monday, May 2, 2016. The Village Board of Trustees awarded a contract to the lowest cost bidder, Western Remac Inc. of Woodridge, Illinois.  Once completed, the project will create approximately 16 miles of signed and marked bike routes in the Village. 

Improvements Include

  • 350 guide, destination, and warning signs
  • 22,300 fee of marked bike lanes
Questions During Construction?
Please visit this project web page for updated information throughout the project.  Should you have additional questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 847/870-5640 or email.