Mailbox Policy

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Mailboxes physically hit by a Village snowplow or truck, will be replaced by the Village at no charge.  Mailboxes that are damaged by snow thrown from snow plowing operations are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair, but the repair costs are eligible for reimursement (maximum of $125)  by the Village.  To be eligible for reimubursement the mailbox must be installed per Village code.  The Village will provide a temporary mailbox until weather allows for the repairs to be made.  Most importantly, if your mailbox is damaged during snow plowing operations, please contact the Pubic Wokrs Department before making repairs. 

The only mailboxes installed by the Village or considered for reimbursement must be installed per the specifications shown below.

United States postal service approved mailboxes are permitted within a public right of way under the following conditions:

a. The front face of the mailbox, once mounted, shall be twelve inches (12") from the back of the curb, or if no curb is present, shall be twenty four inches (24") from the road pavement.

b. The distance from grade to the bottom surface of the mailbox shall be forty eight inches (48").

c. The mailbox may be mounted on a mounting structure of the following sizes and materials, and no others:

(1) A wood post of which the area of an average cross section may not be more than sixteen (16) square inches.

(2) A metal post not more than two and one-half inches (2 1/2") in outside diameter.

d. Permitted mounting structures may be affixed to a concrete slab; if said slab does not exceed the existing grade in height and is not larger than twenty four inches by twenty four inches (24" x 24") square and eighteen inches (18") deep.

e. Residents should take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to any existing utility located in the parkway.


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