Building Permits

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Inspection Checklists
For Building Permits

Required Inspections and Testing (Commercial Projects)

Required Inspections and Testing (Residential Projects)


Building Codes
Adopted April 1, 2017
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 2015 International Building Code
 2015 International Residential Code

 2015 IL Energy Conservation Code
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 2015 Mechanical Code
 2015 International Fuel Gas Code
 2014 National Electrical Code
 Illinois State Plumbing Code

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See below for updated information on Parking Lot Sealcoating/Restriping.

All building permit types have been consolidated into a single application. Use the Building Permit Application for all building permits, with the exception of Sign Permits.  The Village requires six (6) sets of plans for all projects; commercial projects require architecturally stamped plans. Additional forms may be required; refer to the list below for more information.

Sign Permit Application - for the construction or installation of all types of signs. Use in place of the Building Permit Application. 

Survey Affidavit - If the submitted Plat of Survey is older than one (1) year, you are required to submit a signed Affidavit of Survey attesting to the present accuracy of the submitted Plat of Survey.

Construction Site Maintenance Guidelines - Accepting a building permit means the guidelines outlined in this document must be followed; these regulations are designed to minimize negative impacts a project may have on the community.


Building Permit Supplemental Information
The following packets include helpful information that supplement the building permit application. Review them prior to beginning your project and use them as reference throughout.

Basement Buildout

Carnival Application


Detached Garage





Inground Pool Removal

Lawn Irrigation

Residential Roof

Sewer Lining


Swimming Pool Install


For Parking Lot Sealcoats and Restripes: 
As of March 15, 2016, we no longer require permits to sealcoat and restripe commercial and residential parking lots if they are restriped in-kind


  • It is the property owner(s) and contractor(s) responsibility to follow all Accessible Code Standards, including but not limited to Illinois Accessibility Code and Environmental Barriers Act requirements.
  • It is the property owner(s) and contractor(s) responsibility to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (847) 818-5253 to review any fire lane and hydrant striping requirements.
  • The Illinois Attorney General’s Disability Rights Bureau is the State agency that enforces state and federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities to provide equal access to buildings, housing, and services, including the Environmental Barriers Act. Any complaints regarding accessibility standards are investigated by the Illinois Attorney General’s office after a complaint is filed with their office.

Garage Sale Permits are not required however all previous limitations still apply.

Department Information
Building Division Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: 847/870-5675
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Building Division Staff

Building Commissioner: Bill Schroeder
Permit Coordinator: Tammy Lewin
Building Clerk Supervisor: Sue Arendt