Planning and Zoning Commission

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Meeting Schedule: Meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Board Room of Village Hall (televised meeting).

Purpose: To prepare a comprehensive plan for the present and future development of the Village. In addition, this Commission is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Development Code. It also holds public hearings on requests for Conditional Uses, Variations, and amendments to the Zoning Code and/or Zoning Map .

Staff Contact
: Jason Shallcross , 847/818-5314

: One chair plus six regular members and one associate member.

Member Appointment Date   Term Expires
Joseph P. Donnelly, P.E. - Chair 12/2001 05/2020
William Beattie - Co-Chair 11/2008 11/2016
Agostino Filippone 04/2014 05/2019
Thomas Fitzgerald 07/2012 07/2019
 Norbert Mizwicki 04/2014 08/2020
 Sharon Otteman 12/2012 12/2021
 Walter Szymczak 05/2017 09/2018
 Lisa Griffin (Associate) 10/2017  05/2022