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Storm Damage - Home Repair Fraud Alert

Post Date:07/05/2011
The Mount Prospect Police Department would like to remind citizens that home repair fraud scams are prevalent in the aftermath of a severe storm like that recently experienced across the Village. Senior citizens are especially vulnerable and should be extra vigilant as offenders prefer to target elderly victims. In many cases, the offenders will approach homes posing as workers for a utility company or the Village and indicate they need to enter their residence to check electric, gas, water, cable or other utility problems reported in the area. In each case, more than one worker will enter a residence and one will distract the homeowner, while the other offender ransacks the home for valuables and cash.

Please do not allow anyone into your home unless their identity can be confirmed. Legitimate employees from utility companies and the Village of Mount Prospect are readily identified with uniforms, valid identification cards and emblazoned vehicles. It is important to immediately contact the Mount Prospect Police Department by calling 911 to report suspicious activity involving anyone coming to your home to make unsolicited service calls or claiming other pretenses for making entry into your residence not previously known to you.

Please keep in mind that roof repairs require a Village Work Permit and the roofing contractor making the repairs must be licensed by the State of Illinois. Village Work Permits are not required for exterior siding repairs.

John K. Dahlberg
Chief of Police
Mount Prospect Police Department
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